Welcome to True South Food

True South Food is the sister company of The Colorful Palate Catering. These amazing, handmade pimento cheeses became fast favorites among clients as soon as we opened in 2002. After years of local clamoring for pimento cheese on demand, we decided to give them their own brand.

You can find our gourmet pimento cheeses in numerous local markets, on the menu at a few area restaurants and in the fridges of cheese-lovers all over the country!


Where to find True South


Bent Creek Bistro (on the grounds of The North Carolina Arboretum)

Woolworth Walk Soda Fountain- Downtown

Mother Earth Produce-LOCAL Food Delivery Service

Flora Boutique

Ginger’s Revenge

Barley’s Taproom



Hendersonville Community Co-OP


Kingsport, TN

Gypsy Circus Cider Company


Fairview NC

Turgua Brewing


We ship! Don’t live here? Don’t worry! We can have cheese to your door in days! Just call or email with your order.


Raised in The South and positive that Southern food is the best in the world, we wanted our branding to honor our upbringing,  as well as the idea that all southern food, from fried chicken to haute cuisine, is food that people love to make, love to serve and love to eat! So we named the brand True South Food and gave it the tag line “be you. eat true.” Because no matter who you are, where you live, or where you’re from, you know truly good food when you eat it.

The Dogwood is the state flower of North Carolina, and since that is where, despite a Georgia upbringing, our culinary dreams took flight, it seemed only appropriate to include a nod to our “new” home state.

“puh-MEN-nuh-CHEZ” is the phonetic spelling of the pronunciation used by most Southerners for this delectable treat. While there may be a “T” in the spelling, we don’t let it bother us. And we figured if you want our brand, you’re gonna have to learn to ask for it by its real name!

If you are interested in offering True South at your restaurant or shop, give us a call! We would love to stop by with some samples.

Contact us at orders@truesouthfood.com or 828.684.7470